Frederick in Flight

Frederick in Flight Balloon Festival

Alright, I'm quite late on this post! If you're just here for pictures, scroll right on down. I went to the Frederick in Flight balloon festival in Frederick, Colorado on June 22nd, and 23rd.

Friday's flights didn't happen due to unfavorable winds. Saturday had a good day of flying but, I didn't quite get any pictures that I really liked. As for the balloon glow on Saturday, I was unfortunately too busy to make it. Lastly, Sunday's weather report was pretty poor so I didn't even bother showing up.

I honestly didn't get pictures that I really liked. There's a clear lack of consistent practice when it comes to my photography. These balloon festivals don't occur every weekend, and so my practice has been rather inconsistent. You could easily argue that I should be photographing other things for practice, and you would be right. I just haven't done that. So there's no good excuse that I have but, I figured that I might as well admit to how things are.

Big Changes

If you have been following my Instagram account, there has been quite a gap in content being posted. That's because I have just moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Denver, Colorado. It's a big change, and I pretty much decided doing this a little over two weeks ago. I can say that I've more than halved my rent costs which is pretty dang nice.

I'm currently working a part time job, and I'm still looking for another part time job to keep things floating. So while I won't be financially flying, I at least won't be sinking.

Speaking of "flying", I hope to get in contact with some of the pilots that I know around here, and perhaps I might be able to go up. Flying isn't cheap so, I wouldn't expect more than a couple of free rides here for the rest of this year. Heck, I really shouldn't be expecting any free rides!

For the near future, content will still be slow coming. I haven't quite got everything sorted, and I still feel a little frazzled from the move both physically and mentally. I hope that y'all can wish me good luck on my ventures from here on out!