The Red Rock Balloon Rally

Last weekend I made the long 8.5 hour drive to Gallup, New Mexico to attend the Red Rock Balloon Rally. Going to these balloon festivals puts me in an interesting situation. I really hate driving but, I want to go to the balloon festivals. So I end up slogging myself through the drive... Self driving cars couldn't come any sooner, I swear.

I currently don't have much to say about the festival. Bad weather 2/3 days; ate a lot at the tailgate parties; took some photos. I unfortunately only got photos from the launch field as there was only one day of flying. I was hoping to get on top of the rock/canyon wall that you can see people standing on in the pictures, on another day. Oh well, next year, right? 

I took some B-roll to make a video but, I'm losing motivation to make said video as I won't even be home until next week. Hnnnng.

Anyway, below are the photos I took. I wouldn't call these the "final" versions of the photos. I haven't had much time with them before having to hop onto a plane. Pilots, if you see your balloon, and want a picture, please contact me!