The first post...

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I'm not quite so sure of what to write here as my first post. I would like to think that there's so much to talk about, but I think that I'll just be complicating things. So... I'll just write out an introduction about myself!

My name is, Elliot Nahm, and I'm a photographer. When I say photographer, I can only really say that I have officially taken up that role last month when I had quit my regular day job. Instead of droning about my past job, I'm looking forward to my first project. I am currently about to embark on a long road trip, and I have created this blog to write about it! The road trip should be about two months in duration as I visit 16 national parks in the western United States.

road trip.jpg

I know that the map here doesn't list the national parks that I'm planning on visiting, so I'll just write them down here in the order I will be visiting them:

  • Crater Lake
  • Olympic
  • Mt. Rainier
  • Redwood
  • Pinnacles
  • Grand Canyon
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Capitol Reef
  • Arches
  • Zion
  • Death Valley
  • Joshu Tree
  • Sequoia
  • King's Canyon
  • Yosemite
  • Lassan Volcanic

Sixteen national parks, and I plan on camping at all of them this winter. The only exception is Capitol Reef, as I'm just planning to drive though it on my route back home in Denver, Colorado.

Why am I going on this expedition though? To be honest, I don't think that I can make quite a convincing answer. There's nothing bold about this. I'm not trying to prove anything either. I just... want to travel. Admittedly, traveling as a photographer without a super specific goal in mind doesn't strike me well. However, I do plan on trying to capture the best images that I can get. Even if I take a picture that a thousand other photographers have done, I still want to make the best pictures possible. We'll see how well all of that pans out though.

I am also planning on vlogging in addition to writing for the blog. I am still considering on what to do with it. I don't think that I can quite cut the mainstream format of vlogs where a person is able to take the camera with them, and just talk right to the camera as things are happening. I did try this when I went out to test my gear. It felt super awkward, and 10 minutes later after filming, I would think of something else that I should have said, or done. I'm under the impression that I'm just overthinking things here, but, once again, we'll see... I'll be sure to post about my YouTube channel once I upload the first bit of content!

I'm excited, and yet, I'm also scared. I'm doing this trip alone; there are many unknowns that I must figure out. If anything, I think that I may be able do some soul searching with me, myself, and I (all better known as: my insanity), and, perhaps, I just may come out the other end a little wiser. I hope that you can look forward to my posts about my adventures as they come along!


Elliot Nahm