My phone is kaput

Little update to my road trip... I dropped, and broke my phone (a Microsoft Lumia 950XL). This unfortunate event happened on the Mastadon Loop trail at Joshua Tree National Park. The phone landed face down onto a nice pointy rock, and broke the screen.

This wasn't a simple shattering of the glass (which there is only a hairline crack as evidence), but the panel actually broke. So, the whole screen is basically blacked out, and unresponsive. I could try to self repair the phone, but the replacement parts cost around $150 on eBay, and I don't have the tools to perform the task. I could try to take it into the nearby Microsoft store and see what they can do, however they don't usually repair onsite. Rather they ship the devices to a repair facility so I could be waiting a really long time.

My solution for now is just buy a Lumia 650 from Amazon for $118. For those who know of the Windows mobile system, I'm not purchasing the 640 because I don't want to deal with the nano to micro-sim card stuff, and I didn't want to mess around with upgrading the phone via Windows Insider (I've not had the best experience with Windows Insider). I also am not considering the 640XL due to me wanting to downsize the phone; I realized that a 5.7" is a little too large for me. 

I know that this isn't exactly the most cost effective purchase, but the Lumia 650 should service me well enough for now. Perhaps I'll be using the 650 instead of the 950XL from now on until I jump platforms. I am looking to buy an iPhone sometime in the future, perhaps at the end of this year or early next year. This decision really depends on if I try to purchase a drone or not. We'll see.

For now, this means that my road trip is going to be on halt until the middle of next week. At least I'll have time to work on my blogs and vlogs that I'm behind on!